Purpose: Create a new Pstat object.

You can't actually create potentiostat hardware in software, so the New function is used to identify which of the available hardware potentiostats are used in the experiment. Note that there actually is no Class PSTAT in this version of the Gamry Framework. PSTAT is a name which is used in place of PCI4 or PC5. The actual classes that are used by the Explain scripts are PCI4 and PC5, but they are never explicity referenced. Rather, the classname of a potentiostat is read from the GAMRY.INI file and is used when creating the potentiostat.

Usage: Pstat = PSTAT.New(Tag, Section)

  Tag STRING Used by Setup(), Save/Restore, Pstat.Printl()
  Section STRING

Used to determine which section in the GAMRY.INI contains the potentiostat information.

  Pstat PSTAT Pstat object used by other class functions

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