Purpose: Changes the way in which the output file is written.

The output file can be set up to update the file directory after each write to the file or to wait until the file is closed before updating.

If the update occurs after each Printl() function executes, the disk sees a lot of activity. This generates noise, flashing lights, and may slow other Windows® applications that are running concurrently. However, the data file is relatively safe from unexpected system crashes. If the system does fail for some reason, the data written to disk up to that point are saved.

If the update is delayed until the file is closed, the system operates faster and with less disk activity. However, if the computer system fails before the end of a run, the data file is lost.

The default setting is to delay update.

Usage: Output.SetCommit(Switch)




TRUE for update after each write

FALSE for update only upon file close (default setting)

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