Purpose: Used in output of data from an OCV object.

A data point from the object is printed to an ASCII string. This string can, in turn, be printed to the active output file.

The format of the data string is:

PointNumber <tab> Time <tab> Vf <tab> Vm <tab> Over

You can use this function along with the Printl() function to output point i to the output file as follows:


Usage: Result = Ocv.SprintPoint(PointNumber)

  Result STRING The output string.
  PointNumber INDEX The point to be printed. PointNumber is zero-based. If the requested point is not yet taken, a parameter error is issued.
  Time REAL Time from start of experiment in seconds.
  Vf REAL Filtered voltage.
  Vm REAL Unfiltered voltage.
  Over STRING Hexadecimal number representing overload status.

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