Purpose: Creates a new label.

Suppose a LABEL object is created with the statement:

ExptID = LABEL.New("EXPERIMENT", 20, "17S304", "Edit Expt. ID")

ExptID is an object of class LABEL with a value of "17S304". "17S304" is the portion of the ExptID object that can be modified by the user. It can be as many as 20 characters long.

LABEL.New() fails and stops the script if an error occurs.

Usage: Label = LABEL.New(Tag, Length, Value, Prompt)

  Tag STRING Tag used to identify this object when writing, saving, or restoring
  Length INDEX Size of field in bytes used to store value.
  Value STRING The string field that can be edited, written, saved, or restored.
  Prompt STRING Prompt used in Setup dialog box when this object is being edited
  Label LABEL Label object created.

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