Description of Library Routines

The Gamry Framework™ comes with a built-in set of general-purpose library functions and classes. The Framework library contains both compiled C and Explain routines. These library routines provide essential services such as I/O, time-keeping, potentiostat-control and curve-acquisition.

Each Gamry Instruments application also uses library functions and classes that are specifically designed for that application's measurements. These items are discussed in the User's Manuals for each application.

We use UPPERCASE names to refer to class names and Mixed Case names to refer to object names:

LABEL refers to a class.

Label refers to an object.

Because Explain is case-sensitive, LABEL and Label are two completely different names. In this manual, when a MixedCase object name is the same as a UPPERCASE class name, you may assume the object is of that class.

When an ASCII tab character appears in sample output, it is indicated as:


The terms CURVE and Curve object are used in this section to refer to the various classes of objects that acquire and hold run-time data. An example is the OCV class.