Purpose: Creates a channel object.

The new object contains a number of default variables initially set via this function call. Many of these variables can be changed later on in the Setup() function's dialog box.

Usage: Channel = Channel.New(Tag, ChannelNo, Active, Ident, System, Area)

  Channel CHANNEL The new object. Often a VECTOR element.
  Tag STRING A short string used to identify the object. Printed when the object is printed.
  ChannelNo INDEX Allowed range is 0 to 7. The Channel number is used to form the prompt field in Setup() and the title of the Notes... dialog box.
  Active BOOL A flag that indicates whether a channel is to be used or skipped. Can be changed in Setup().
  Indent STRING Test identifier for this channel. Corresponds to the Identifier field of non-multiplexed experiments. Can be changed in Setup().
  System STRING Name of chemical system. This string is used to find chemical parameters (Density, Equiv.Wt, Betas) in the SYSTEM.SET database. Can be changed in Setup().
  Area REAL Electrode area. Can be changed in Setup().

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