Purpose: Create a new object of the CGEN class.

The type of real-time plot is defined when the object is created. There are two plot types, one for y-versus-x data, and one for y- and y'-versus-x. The second plot type is used for data with two dependent variables, such as Rp- and Eoc-versus-time plots.

Usage: Cgen = CGEN.New(Tag, PlotView)

  Tag STRING Object Tag used when printing the object.
  PlotView INDEX

VIEW_NONE No Curves are displayed

VIEW_SINGLE One Curve per plot (as in Potentiodynamic)

VIEW_DOUBLE Two Curves per plot (as in Galvanic Corrosion)

VIEW_SINGLE defines two axes: X_AXIS and Y_AXIS

VIEW_DOUBLE defines three axes: X_AXIS, Y_AXIS (lower y-axis), and Z_AXIS (upper y-axis)

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