Explain™ Experimental Control Language

All Gamry Instruments experimental techniques are implemented as user-accessible scripts. A script is a specialized computer program used to define and control the sequence of events during an experiment. The language used for these scripts is called Explain™. An Explain compiler is built into the Gamry Framework™. Explain is a simple but powerful computer language designed specifically for writing experimental scripts. Explain was developed from a version of the Smalltalk language, written by David Betz, called Extalk. Extalk is too cumbersome for the needs of experimental control, so we redesigned and simplified it. We feel Explain provides a very crisp, readable, and modifiable script language which preserves most of Extalk's modern object-oriented characteristics. You have access to Explain so that you can modify our standard scripts or create scripts of your own. This Help section gives you the fundamental information necessary to understand what happens in an Explain script. Explain library functions for each Gamry Instruments application are described in that application's Help section.