Running a Master Script

NOTE: With the advent of the Sequence Wizard, creating auto scripts is unnecessary. We include the discussion pages concerning auto scripts for the sake of completeness, and instead, recommend you use the Sequence Wizard for automated experiments.

When you are finished editing your master script, save it to disk using File > Save.

You may want to test your master script before you use it by running the experiments on a simple dummy cell. This will help you locate any typographical errors or syntax problems without ruining a specimen.

When you have your cell set up, use Ctrl+R to run the current script. If you are reusing a master script and it is not loaded, click on the Experiment menu and then select the Named Script option. The Gamry Framework™ asks you for the name of the script to run. Type in the name of your master script, such as the MYEXPS.EXP file that we created elsewhere in this help system.

When your master script is loaded, a new window opens and the script starts to run. This runner window displays messages about what experiment is currently running or how much time is left in a time delay. When an experiment is launched and running, a second window opens for that experiment. This experiment window looks and acts like a normal experiment window, but at the end of the experiment it closes automatically.

To terminate an auto script in the middle of an experiment, click the F1-Abort button. After the experiment terminates, the master script asks if you wish to abort all experiments, or just continue with the next experiment.

Clicking the F1-Abort button from the master script causes the master script to terminate immediately. Any running auto scripts continue to run unless you terminate them explicitly. To skip the delay in a master script, use the F2-Skip button to continue to the next experiment immediately. The master window updates periodically to reflect what experiment is currently running. When the master script is finished running, the master window displays "All Experiments Done".