Other Ways to Launch an Auto Script

NOTE: With the advent of the Sequence Wizard, creating auto scripts is unnecessary. We include the discussion pages concerning auto scripts for the sake of completeness, and instead, recommend you use the Sequence Wizard for automated experiments.

We have created a few variations on LaunchWait(), all taking the same parameters.

Launch(AutoScriptFile, ...) starts AutoScriptFile and returns immediately. This is useful if you want to run multiple auto scripts at the same time. Be careful that the scripts don’t use the same potentiostat, because only one script may use a given potentiostat at any given time.

Launch() and LaunchWait() print information about the currently launched auto script and allow the operator to intercede in case the auto script fails. There are two similar functions, Execute() and ExecWait(), which perform no tasks other than to simply launch the auto script.