Master Scripts

NOTE: With the advent of the Sequence Wizard, creating auto scripts is unnecessary. We include the discussion pages concerning auto scripts for the sake of completeness, and instead, recommend you use the Sequence Wizard for automated experiments.

Master scripts are Explain™ scripts which call other scripts using the LaunchWait() function. The master script is always a custom script. The simple script below just runs a series of different experiments, one after another:

include "explain.exp"

include "Auto Utilities.exp"


function Main()

if (LaunchWait("Auto Corrosion Potential.exp","auto.set","CPOT","autocpot.dta",1,NIL) eq FALSE)


if (LaunchWait("Auto Polarization Resistance.exp","auto.set","RP","autorp.dta",1,NIL) eq FALSE)


if (LaunchWait("Auto Potentiostatic EIS.exp","auto.set","EIS","autoeis.dta",1,NIL) eq FALSE)



Notify("All Experiments Done")