Creating an Experiment Setup to use in an Auto-Script

NOTE: With the advent of the Sequence Wizard, creating auto scripts is unnecessary. We include the discussion pages concerning auto scripts for the sake of completeness, and instead, recommend you use the Sequence Wizard for automated experiments.

To create the setup files you must run the corresponding original experiment. In the Setup dialog box, select the parameters you want to run. Click the Save button in the Setup dialog box to store the experimental setup information on disk. Then use the Cancel button to avoid actually running the experiment. Later, you will tell the auto version what setup name to pull off the disk.

For example, you might want to run a polarization resistance experiment as part of a sequence of experiments. Use the Gamry Framework and call up the Polarization Resistance experiment. After you have set the experimental parameters in the Setup dialog box, click the Save button to store the parameter set. Look for "Experimental Parameters and Parameter Sets" in the DC Corrosion or Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy manual tutorial sections if you need additional detail on saving setups. You can name the setup file and parameters anything you like, for example, MYPARMS.SET and MyRpSetup. You will need these names later when editing the sequencer script.