Adapting Custom Experiments to Auto Scripts

NOTE: With the advent of the Sequence Wizard, creating auto scripts is unnecessary. We include the discussion pages concerning auto scripts for the sake of completeness, and instead, recommend you use the Sequence Wizard for automated experiments.

You don't need to read this section unless you have a custom experiment script that you want to to run with a master script. Design any experiment script run with LaunchWait() to run completely unattended. What do you do if you have modified one of our standard scripts to create a custom experiment? If your modifications are small and we supply an automated experiment script that is similar to your modified script, you can examine our automated script and modify it to suit your needs. Most of the code is identical in both the original and automated versions.

If you have created a completely new experiment script and need to modify it, see how the scripts Auto Polarization Resistance.exp and Polarization Resistance.exp compare. Because of their length, it is not practical to reproduce them here and point out their differences line by line. (Each one is roughly three pages long.) These two scripts do, however, illustrate the differences between a normal experiment script and its automated version.

The key differences are:

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