Multiplexed ECN Overview

Each of the multiplexed ECN tests is an extension of the corresponding EN120 single-cell test. A multiplexed ECN test can run on up to eight cells concurrently. Cells are switched using Gamry Instruments' ECM8 Electrochemical Multiplexer.

We use the following terms to describe the channel and cell status:

Active Cell

The cell (if any) currently connected to the system potentiostat. Any measurements are made on that cell.

Standby Cell

Standby cells are attached to the multiplexer but not presently connected to the system potentiostat. Depending on the standby mode, they may be shorted (working electrode to counter electrode or working electrode #2 ), open circuit, or connected to a local potentiostat in the ECM8.

Selected Cell

Cells may be either selected or not. If selected, the Explain™ script assumes a cell is connected to that multiplexer channel and tests that cell. If not selected, that channel is skipped.

The terms channel and cell are often used interchangeably when discussing multiplexed tests.

The script connects the potentiostat or ZRA to each selected cell. In the period that a cell is connected, an entire block of data is acquired. This block is then treated to extract its noise parameters. The script then switches to the next selected cell and repeats the process.

Separate noise-trend curves are maintained for each cell. Using the curve-list control, you can review the last data block or the accumulating noise-trend curve for any selected cell.

The data treatments are identical to those in the single-cell tests.