Galvanostatic Mode ECN Experimental Sequence

Run this test by selecting Experiment>Electrochemical Noise>Galvanostatic Mode Electrochemical Noise from the Framework™ menu bar. This initiates the following sequence of events:

  1. Framework creates a runner window, and the Galvanostatic Mode Electrochemical Noise.exp script is run in this window.
  2. In the runner window, the script displays a Setup dialog box which becomes the active window. This dialog box allows you to view and edit the experimental parameters. Clicking the OK button accepts the parameters and starts the experimental run.
  3. The script now obtains the use of the potentiostat specified during setup, and opens the data file specified in the Output File field of the Setup dialog box. If the potentiostat is in use or the data file cannot be opened, the script returns to the Setup dialog box. You may Cancel the experiment at that point.
  4. All header information is written to the data file. Header information consists of the analysis tag, the time and date the experiment was started, and a list of the setup parameters.
  5. Eoc is measured. The measurement lasts for at least 10 seconds or longer if a longer time is specified in the Init. Delay parameter.
  6. The script then goes into a loop which performs the actual data collection, as follows:
  1. The script goes to sleep until it is time to make the next noise measurement.
  2. On waking, the script sets the appropriate current range.
  3. A one-second delay happens here to give the potentiostat time to settle.
  4. The block of voltage data points is measured.
  5. Vrms is calculated and added to the noise curve.
  6. The acquired point is printed out to the data file.
  7. If more points are needed, return to Step a. If not, go to Step 7.
  1. The script turns off the cell. The last displayed curve, usually the noise curve, is displayed on the screen until you click the F2-Skip button.