Quick Integrate

Quick Integrate integrates the current to achieve a total charge value. This command requires that you select an x-region. The command operates on all visible traces, and the results are placed on a new Quick Integrate page, assuming one does not already exist. In the case where this page already exists, the new information overwrites the old information.


  1. If the calculation is to be based on only part of the curve, select the appropriate portion using either the Select X Region or Select Y Region tools, or select a portion of the curve using the mouse or keyboard selection tools, .
  2. After you select the region, select the Quick Integrate command from the document menu. As soon as you select this command, the computer begins to calculate the charge for the different sections of the curve. There can be up to three sections in a cyclic voltammetry curve. These sections are defined by the vertices of the applied voltage signal. In the case where you have a Vinit, a VLimit 1, and a VLimit2, you would have a two-section curve. In the case where you have a Vinit, a VLimit1, a VLimit2, and a Vfinal, you would have a three-section curve. The integrated current is listed by section.
  3. Results are presented both on their own page, and in the QuickView area at the bottom of the chart. Hide the QuickView window by clicking the X in the lower left corner of the QuickView.