Overview of EIS Software Structure

The Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy software includes experimental scripts, dynamic-linked libraries, and analysis macros that run under the Gamry Instruments Framework™. The Framework provides a consistent operator's interface for the EIS System and other Gamry Instruments software, such as the DC Corrosion System and the Physical Electrochemistry System.

The Framework works with experimental scripts to provide experimental control, data-acquisition, and real-time displays. The Framework runs as a separate Windows® application. It is the program you execute when you select the Framework icon in the Windows Program Manager.

A script contains the instructions required to run a specific experimental technique. You access EIS experimental scripts through selections on the Framework menu bar.

The EIS software also includes analysis scripts. These scripts run under the Gamry Echem Analyst™. The analysis scripts are used for data-analysis and editing, presentation graphics, and outputting results.

Finally, the EIS software includes a graphical editor to create and modify equivalent-circuit models. Get access to this editor via a menu selection in the Gamry Echem Analyst.