Overview of EIS Library Routines

The EIS software uses functions and classes that are specifically designed for AC measurements. These include two simple math functions that calculate modulus and phase from a complex number.

The system's FRA drivers are found in dynamic link libraries (DLLs) that are loaded by the Framework™ software as required. Each particular FRA has its own library in its own DLL. At present, one driver is included in the EIS, for Gamry's software only SoftFra.

Each driver defines two classes, class FRA and class FRACURVE. The functions in these drivers are, for the most part, unique and individual to the driver. However, the function names and parameters are the same in each driver. This allows EIS scripts to be oblivious to which driver is being used. These names and parameter lists are described below.

Curve Classes

FRACURVE AC impedance current-versus-potential curve