Descriptions of Standard Models

Title File Name Description

Simple Randles cell.

The most common model used for bare metal in solution

Diffusion Model OTCWAR.MDL

One time-constant.

A Warburg element models the diffusion process.

Depressed Nyquist CPE.MDL

Constant Phase Element

Similar to the Randles cell, but with a constant-phase element replacing the double-layer capacitance. Used when the semicircle lies below the Real axis on a Nyquist plot.

Coated Rebar REBAR.MDL

Coated or passivated rebar in concrete.

(Use RANDLES.MDL if rebar is uncoated.)

Painted Metal PAINT.MDL

Painted metal.

REAP model includes pore-like defects and possible blistering.

Painted Metal (Modified) REAP2CPE.MDL

Painted metal.

Similar to REAP model, but with constant-phase elements replacing coating capacitance and double-layer capacitance.