Impedance EIS Overview

The Impedance analysis script allows you to open Potentiostatic EIS, Galvanostatic EIS, and Hybrid Mode EIS data files by selecting the data file from the File Open window. The data file opens, and a series of tabbed pages are created in a new window. These tabs contain two graphs of the data, experimental setup information, notes, and hardware settings.

The standard impedance analysis script shows a Bode plot on the first page. A Nyquist plot is on the second page.

The Impedance menu includes commands for fitting the impedance spectrum to an equivalent-circuit model by the Levenberg-Marquardt or Simplex methods, creating or editing an equivalent-circuit model, subtracting an impedance from the experimental spectrum, and for applying the Kramers-Kronig Transform to the experimental data. Click the menu choices in the figure to the right to obtain more detailed information.