Purpose: Print the results of a Pwr curve to an Output file.

The Output record is printed in the following format:

Tag <tab> "TABLE" <tab> Points
<tab> "Pt" <tab> "T" <tab> "Vf" <tab> "Im" <tab> "Vu" <tab> "Pwr" <tab> "Sig" <tab>"Ach" <tab> "Temp" <tab> "IERange" <tab>  "Over"
<tab> "#" <tab> "s" <tab> "V" <tab> "A" <tab> "V" <tab> "W" <tab> "V" <tab>"V" <tab> "degC" <tab> "#" <tab>  "bits"
<tab> Pt1 T V I V.P.V V Temp.IERange.Over
<tab> Pt2 T V I V.P.V V Temp.IERange.Over
<tab> PtN T V I V.P.V V Temp.IERange.Over

where the symbols have the following meanings:

  Tag The curve Tag [from PWR.New() or optional argument]
  Points Total number of points acquired
  Pt(#) Sequential number of a point.
  T Elapsed time from starting from Pwr.Run().
  Vf Applied Voltage vs Eref.
  Im Measured cell current.
  Vu Uncompensated Voltage
  Pwr Power
  Sig Signal sent to Control Amplifier
  Ach Aux Channel Voltage
  Temp Temperature from Thermocouple
  IERange IE Range used for the data point
  Over Overload flags


Pwr.Printl (Tag)
Tag STRING Optional. Used to print a different Tag than the one used in the call to PWR.New().

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