The Electrochemical Energy software uses the Gamry Echem Analystâ„¢ to display, analyze, and print acquired data files. The Gamry Echem Analyst allows you to use experiment-specific analysis tools, such as Calculate Capacitance in charge and discharge experiments, by selecting those analysis tools from experiment-specific drop-down menus.

The Gamry Echem Analyst uses Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) as a scripting language to control the graphing and manipulation of the experimental data. You have access to these VBA analysis scripts, so that you can modify them to include special analysis routines that are customized to your needs. See the Gamry Echem Analyst section of help for information on customizing your analysis scripts.

Certain Electrochemical Energy experiments incorporate the C rate. The C rate is a term used in battery and fuel-cell research to describe the rate of charging or discharging of one battery in one hour. C rate is a useful idea for controlling the rate of charge or discharge. The experiments with C rate are: