Save Raw Data

This setup parameter determines whether or not raw charge and discharge data files are saved during a cyclic charge-discharge experiment.

If this option is selected, individual charge and discharge data files are recorded for the cycles of the cyclic charge-discharge experiment. The files are saved to a subfolder of the current data folder. The subfolder is automatically given the name CHARGE_DISCHARGE. The filenames for the raw data files consist of the word CHARGE or DISCHARGE followed by an underscore and the cycle number in which the data were recorded. For example, CHARGE_#21.dta would contain data recorded during the charge step of the 21st charge-discharge cycle.

The Skip # parameter specifies the frequency at which the raw data files are saved. If this number is zero, files are saved for every charge-discharge cycle. If the Skip # is set to a value greater than zero, n cycles are skipped for each cycle that is saved For example if the Skip # is set to 4 as shown above, the 1st cycle is saved, the next four cycles (2, 3, 4 and 5) are skipped, cycle 6 is saved, cycles 7, 8, 9 and 10 are skipped, cycle 11 is saved, and so on.

NOTE: The format of these raw data files is identical to that created by the Electrochemical Energy Charge and Discharge experiments, and uses the same analysis routines when opened in the Gamry Echem Analystâ„¢.