View AE Data

If AE data were collected during an experiment, this command plots the data curves for those data. When multiple channels of AE data are selected, each channel can be plotted on a separate chart, or each channel can be overlaid on one chart. Overlaying data from different AE channels provides the ability to visually compare data from each channel.

This command is only available if AE data are present in the data file.


  1. Select View AE Data from the menu. A dialog box appears that includes a channel selector and overlay options.
  2. Select each AE channel to be viewed. To select all eight channels, click the Select All button.
  3. Select the desired overlay option.
  1. Click the OK button to plot the AE data. Depending on the selected overlay option, one or more new pages with a chart showing the selected AE channels opens.
  2. If any AE data are currently open, they close and are replaced with the new selection.

By default, AE data are plotted as voltage versus time. AE data from Cyclic Charge-Discharge experiments are plotted with the voltage at the start of the step (Vstart) on the y-axis, and voltage at the end of the step (Vend) on the y2-axis. The charge and discharge steps are plotted separately.