Transform Axes

The Transform Axes dialog box allows you to make some changes to the style of the current chart axes.


In the Voltages area, you specify whether voltages should be graphed versus the reference potential (Eref) or versus the open circuit potential (Eoc).

NOTE: In order to view versus Eoc, the open-circuit voltage must have been measured and stable to an acceptable degree.

The style of the voltage is indicated on the chart axes. If Eoc was not measured, the style defaults to versus Eref. In this case, there may not be Eref on the axis.


The axes sections (X-Axis, Y-Axis, Y2-Axis) allow you to modify the format of the axis. In some cases, the axis is in a Log format and you may wish to change it to a Linear format. Also, some analyses display the data in a Reversed format, meaning that values are plotted from maximum to minimum rather than the normal way of minimum to maximum.


When you are satisfied with your changes, click the OK button. If you do not wish to make changes, click the Cancel button.