Recalculate % Capacity

For many types of Electrochemical Energy data files, the Gamry Echem Analystâ„¢ automatically calculates a percent capacity column and adds it to the data table. This column is calculated using a nominal capacity value usually entered during the setup of the experiment. This value is displayed on the experimental setup page as the Capacity field.

If the value entered was incorrect (or not entered at all) the Recalculate % Capacity button recalculates the entire column using a new capacity value.


Select Recalculate % Capacity from the document menu. This opens the Calculate Capacity dialog box with two different values for capacity: Calculated Capacity and Nominal Capacity.

The units for these values can be expressed in ampere-hours, coulombs, or a user-defined custom unit, depending on the current option settings.

The % Capacity column is recalculated. If the column is currently being plotted, the plot is also refreshed to show the recalculated data.