Galvanostatic Pages

The standard Electrochemical Energy Cyclic Galvanostatic analysis contains the following pages at startup:


The heart of the Electrochemical Energy Galvanostatic analysis. It contains the data plotted as voltage versus time.

Experimental Setup

A list of the parameters used to acquire the data presented on the Chart page.

Experimental Notes

The notes you entered before acquiring the data. The Notes can be edited in the analysis, and saved with the changes to an analysis data file.

Hardware Settings

All of the potentiostat settings used during the run of the experiment.

Additional Pages Which May Become Visible

Quick Integration

A grid of integration values based on different sections in visible traces, from the most recent use of the Integrate command.


A grid of minimum and maximum values of each visible trace based on the most recent use of the Min/Max command.


A grid of average values of each visible trace based on the most recent use of the Average command.

AE Data

When AE data are viewed, a new chart is displayed on an additional page. If multiple AE channels are selected, each AE channel's plot can be overlaid on the same page, or a separate page can be created for each AE channel. AE data are plotted as voltage versus time.

When multiple channels of AE data are selected, each channel can be plotted on a separate chart, or each channel can be overlaid on one chart. Overlaying data from different AE channels provides the ability to visually compare data from each channel. This command is only available if AE data are present in the data file.