Set Current Plot As Default

The Set Current Plot As Default command allows you to save the current settings of a plot as the default. When this is done, all files of the same type open with the saved settings.

This command can be helpful if you prefer plots to display data other than the default. For example, if you always want charge curves to plot voltage versus capacity instead of voltage versus time, you can make the change using the Curve Selector, then select the Set Current Plot As Default command. After doing this, all charge curves plot voltage versus capacity when opened.

The settings that are saved with this command are the data column currently displayed on each axis, and the Linear/Log and Reversed setting for each axis set by using the Transform Axis command.


  1. Select the page containing the chart to be used as the default. (Settings can be saved for the main chart and AE charts independently)
  2. Use the curve selector or Transform Axis command to give the current chart the desired settings.
  3. Select Set Current Plot As Default from the document menu. The settings are saved.
  4. To revert back to the original system default settings. Select Restore System Default Plot.

NOTE: The saved settings are only applied to files of the same type when opened on the same computer. If you open the same file on different computers, you will see the system default setting or another saved setting.