Quick Integrate

The Quick Integrate command is used to integrate the current to achieve a total charge value. This command requires that an x-region be selected. The command operates on all visible traces, and the results are placed on a new Quick Integrate page, assuming one does not already exist. If this page already exists, the new information overwrites the old information.


  1. Select an x-region using the Select X Region tool . Left-click in the main chart body at one bounding edge of the region. Holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse to the second bounding edge, and release the left button. You now have a highlighted region on your chart.
  2. When the region is selected, elect the Quick Integrate command from the document menu. As soon as you select this command, the computer begins to calculate the charge for the different sections of the curve. The integrated current is listed by section.
  3. Results are presented both on their own page, and in the QuickView area at the bottom of the chart. You can hide the QuickView window by right clicking on the handle of the toolbar, and un-checking QuickView.

NOTE: If you wish to integrate a CV or LSV curve, we recommend that you use the Integrate function rather than Quick Integrate, for you cannot change your integrated region's background with Quick Integrate.

NOTE: Integration is sign-dependent so for example, in double-potential step chronoamperometry, if you select no region, Quick Integrate function gives you the difference in total charge between the anodic and cathodic potentials.