Multiplexed Galvanic Corrosion Runtime Controls

The runtime control consist of three buttons and a Curve List pull-down control.

The three control buttons are familiar to any user of the single-cell DC Corrosion experiments, although in multiplexed experiments their functions change slightly. Choose them with a mouse or a function key. The function key forms part of the button's label, i.e., F1- ABORT.


Cancels the entire experimental run and closes the runner window. Data points are written to the file as soon as they are acquired, so data collected prior to selection of Abort are not lost.


Affects only the test currently run. It causes the Framework to skip the rest of an action. The script then goes to the next step in the experimental sequence. If you click theSkip-F2 button during the Conditioning or the Init. Delay of an experiment, the rest of that phase is skipped. If you click Skip during a scan, the rest of the scan is skipped. The data collected up to that point are not lost. The software proceeds to the next channel.


Pause and Continue work the same as they do in the DC Corrosion software.