Purpose: Run the curve.

When Cpiv.Run() is executed, the acquired data are displayed in a real-time curve. There are four buttons active during Cpiv.Run():

Abort/F1 button Terminates the entire experiment.
Pause/Continue/F3 button Stops or resumes the data-collection
Skip/F2 button Skips to the next phase of the experiment, either past the end of the curve or to the next region of the signal generator's operation.

The active run can be halted in several ways:

1) when the signal generator is finished,

2) if the operator hits a Skip/F2 button, or

3) if one of the stopping criteria is met. The stopping criteria can be enabled or disabled using the Cpiv.Threshold() and Cpiv.StopAt functions.


Result = Cpiv.Run()
Result INDEX


  NO_STOP Normal finish or Skip/F2 button pushed.
  STOP_I_UNDER Stop caused by Under Criterion (I < Imax)
  STOP_I_OVER Stop caused by Over Criterion (I > Imin)
  STOP_I_STABLE Stop caused by stability [abs(dIE/dt) < limit]
  STOP_I_RUNAWAY Stop caused by runaway [abs(dI/dt) > limit]
  STOP_I_DECREASING Stop caused by decreasing (dI/dt < limit)
  STOP_I_INCREASING Stop caused by increasing (dI/dt > limit)

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