Purpose: Create and return an object of the class DATACOL.

The object contains data extracted from one column of the CIIV object's data array. The data, once extracted, can then be submitted to other objects for further calculation. For example, a LINFIT object performs a linear-regression analysis on two DATACOL objects.

A new DATACOL object is automatically created by the call to CIIV.DataCol(). It is usually transient, existing only for one function call.


DataCol = Ciiv.DataCol(ColumnCode)
DataCol DATACOL The new object containing the data extracted from the CIIV data array.
ColumnCode INDEX

A code identifying the column to be used.

0 = Time

1 = Applied Voltage

2 = Uncompensated Voltage

3 = Measured Current

4 = Signal sent to Control Amplifier

5 = Measured Aux Channel Voltage

Or use the predefined constants:

CIIV_T = Time

CIIV_Vf = Measured Voltage

CIIV_Vu = Uncompensated Voltage

CIIV_Im = Applied Current

CIIV_Sig = Signal sent to Control Amplifier

CIIV_Ach = Measured Aux Channel Voltage

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