Rp/Ec Trend Runtime Controls

The runtime control consist of the standard three buttons and a Display pull-down control.

The function of the Skip button differs slightly from that in other DC Corrosion techniques.

If you click Skip during the Conditioning or the Init. Delay, the rest of that phase will be skipped. If you click Skip during a scan, the rest of the scan is skipped. The data collected up to that point are not lost, and are used to calculate a polarization resistance.

If you select Skip in the delay between measurement cycles, the system does not proceed to the next measurement. This would be an illogical operation, given the importance of times in the sequence. Instead, Skip displays a Query box asking you if you wish to terminate the experiment. Clicking the Terminate button prematurely ends the script. No data are lost. Clicking the Continue button returns you to the delay between scans