Rp/Ec Trend Purpose

This experiment allows you to follow changes in the corrosion rate of a sample versus time. The Rp/Ec Trend script makes a series of polarization resistance measurements at fixed time-intervals. The resulting data is useful for metal or inhibitor screening studies, and for online monitoring.

See other help sections for information concerning polarization-resistance measurements. The polarization resistance technique is used to obtain a rapid estimate of the corrosion rate of a metal in a solution. It is particularly applicable to long-term monitoring because it involves small, non-destructive (<15 mV) excursions relative to Eoc. Such small excursions are less likely to change the sample than the larger voltages applied in other techniques. Polarization-resistance data, after suitable mathematical manipulation, yield an estimate of Icorr which can be used to calculate a corrosion rate. Estimation of Icorr requires kinetic parameters (βs), which must be calculated or estimated from other data such as Tafel or Potentiodynamic.