Overview of DC Corrosion Experimental Techniques

This section describes the standard corrosion measurement techniques that are included with a DC Corrosion system. Each technique description includes:

In order to minimize repetition, information relevant to all of the techniques is discussed prior to the individual technique descriptions.

NOTE: For details on how to run experiments using the Framework™, see the Framework Help.

This help file describes the standard technique scripts that Gamry supplied you. These scripts can be edited. We strongly recommend that changed versions of these scripts be stored under a new name. If you find that your DC Corrosion system does not work as we have described, there is a possibility that the standard script was changed. Save the changed script under a new name and reinstall the Gamry Framework from your master disk, or from Gamry's Download Center.

NOTE: If you are reading this help file to get background information, we recommend that you do not read this entire section. Read all the information up to and including the Potentiodynamic technique description. Read only the Purpose section for the other techniques.

Remember that this help file does not attempt to teach you how to interpret the results of an experiment. A textbook or the original literature may aid you in this regard.