Galvanic Corrosion Setup Parameters

Click here to see a Galvanic Corrosion Setup dialog box complete with its default parameters.

Run Time

The length of time that measurements are taken. The units of the Run Time are seconds. The resolution is set by the Sample Period.

Sample Period

The spacing between data points. The units used for the Sample Period are seconds. The shortest Sample Period we recommend is 0.25 second. The longest Sample Period allowed is 715 seconds. The Sample Period also helps determine the Number of Points in the data curve as follows:

Number of Points = (Run Time) / Sample Period

The Number of Points must be less than 262 143. If you have more points, the experiment aborts just before the scan phase of the sequence. The resolution in Run Time is also controlled by the Sample Period. Times that are not integer multiples of the Sample Period are rounded down. For example, if the Sample Period is set for 8 seconds, and a Run Time of 750 seconds is requested, the actual Initial Time is 744 seconds, which is 93 Sample Periods.

Limit i

Prevents excessive cell current. If the absolute value of the current exceeds the Limit i, the data-acquisition stops and the cell turned off.