Critical Pitting Potential Runtime Controls

Runtime control consists of four buttons and a Curve List pull-down control.

The four control buttons are familiar to any user of the DC Corrosion experiments, although in the Critical Pitting Potential test their functions change slightly. Select them with a mouse or a function key. The function key forms part of the button's label, i.e., F1- ABORT.


The Skip button affects only the test currently running. It normally causes the Framework™ to skip the rest of an action being performed. The script then goes on to the next step in the experimental sequence.

If you select Skip during an Open Circuit Delay, the rest of that phase is skipped.

If you select Skip during the repassivation phase, the script skips to the stimulation phase. If you Skip during the stimulation phase, the script ends the experiment.

The data are handled the same way by a Skip as if the scan terminates normally. Any data that normally get saved are saved after a Skip.

Abort, Pause, Continue

Abort, Pause, and Continue work the same as they do in the rest of the DC105.