Critical Pitting Potential Analysis

The data file from a Critical Pitting Potential experiment is normally analyzed by the Critical Pitting Potential.Gscript analysis package provided with the DC Corrosion software.

Use the Critial Pitting Potential (CPP) analysis software to view and print a curve, or family of curves, contained in a data file. Time is the independent variable in the graphs. CPP graphs, unlike other DC105 graphs, contain a family of related curves. You can use the CPP analysis script to display and print any combination of these curves.

Each CPP curve is comprised of two "phases", the stimulation phase and repassivation phase. Both phases generate a data-curve. The default graph on the first page of the analysis displays both of these curves simultaneously as time versus current.

The curves within a CPP family are distinguished by "repassivation potential", which is actually the potential used when checking for repassivation.