Min/Max determines the minimum and maximum current. This command requires that you select an X Region. The command operates on all visible traces, and the results are placed on a new Min/Max page, assuming one does not already exist. In the case where this page already exists, the new information overwrites the old information.


  1. If your are looking for the minimum and maximum values in a specific portion of the curve, select an X region using the Select X Region tool . To select a region using this tool, left-click in the main chart body at one bounding edge of the region. Holding the mouse button down, drag the mouse to the second bounding edge, and release the left button. You then have a highlighted region on your chart.
  2. After you select the region, select the Min/Max command from the Experiment Specific menu. As soon as you select this command, the computer starts to locate the minimum and maximum values for each visible trace.
  3. Results are presented both on their own page, and in the QuickView area at the bottom of the chart. You can hide the QuickView window by clicking the X on the side-bar of the QuickView.