Adding a Temperature Controller

NOTE: The Gamry Framework installation program makes the appropriate entries into the GAMRY.INI file. Follow these steps only if you wish to make a change manually.

These instructions tell you how to identify and configure your temperature controller via entries in the GAMRY.INI file. These instructions assume that your system contains only one temperature controller.

If you need to setup the software for multiple temperature controllers, contact Gamry Instruments technical support.

Open the GAMRY.INI file in Windows® Notepad.

For TDC4 temperature controller

If you have a TDC4 Temperature controller, add a new section of the form:

label = TDC4
port = X
mode = comX:2400,0,7,1
serialno = xxxxx
type = 4

In the above program code, X is the number of the COM port used to connect to the TDC4, e.g., COM2. When you type the lines, replace X with this number. The communications parameters are the default parameters for the TDC4.