Multichannel Potentiostat

Gamry’s multichannel potentiostat systems combine multiple research-grade instruments into a single, flexible system. This flexibility gives you the ability to run each channel separately, in groups, or all at once. Contact us to find out what options are available.


The multichannel potentiostat combines up to eight Gamry potentiostats into a single system. Our flexibility allows you to pick and choose how you want your multichannel system configured all without having to sacrifice chassis slots for EIS, low-current, or high-current modules.

Perhaps you want the value of eight Interface 1000s combined with the high performance of a Reference 3000 connected to a Reference 30K Booster. Each channel of a multichannel system has the same capabilities as a single research-grade instrument, but at a greatly discounted cost-per-channel—there is no sacrifice in performance to gain higher experimental throughput.

Note that the Accuracy Contour Plot shown here is the same for each channel in an eight channel Interface system.

Interface 1000 Accuracy Contour Plot

Gamry’s full line of application software is available for all multichannel systems. Using the flexibility of the Gamry software, each channel can be run both independently and simultaneously. Any experiment can be run on any channel, regardless of which experiments are running on other channels.


Multichannel systems are ideal for any application that benefits from higher throughput.

  • Coatings Analysis
  • Microbial Fuel Cells
  • Large Scale Supercapacitor and Battery Evaluation
  • Continuous Corrosion Monitoring
  • Monitoring Electrode Arrays
  • Sensor Arrays
  • Combinatorial Testing

Regardless of the application, a Gamry multichannel potentisotat system gives you the ability to independently and simultaneously control experiments across multiple electrochemical cells.


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