Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

eis application

Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy is an extremely powerful technique used in a number of different application settings.


Gamry has a number of potentiostats for running EIS.  Just as important as running the experiment is working the data up.  Our analysis software includes a special AutofitTM algorithm that takes the guesswork out of needing seed values for the elements in your models.  Our software also includes Kramers-Kronig transforms for checking the validity of your data.  

The Model Editor includes all of the standard components of fitting plus includes three different Transmission Line elements for dealing with porous electrodes.  You could even define your own element if needed.  A large number of standard models are included to save you time.  Finally, upon fitting your data we provide nicely tabulated results and a residuals plot for printing or copying and pasting into another program.  

Recommended setups

Corrosion studies, physical electrochemical studies and sensors - Interface 1000E or Reference 600+

Batteries, fuel cells, and supercaps (materials, coin cells) - Interface 1000E, 5000P or 5000E

Batteries, fuel cells, and supercaps (medium and larger cells) - Interface 5000P or 5000E, Reference 3000/3000AE, Optional Reference 30K Booster

Coatings - Reference 600+

Photovoltaics - Interface 1000E orReference 600+ depending on cell size